05 April 2009

spring is peeking it's head into my life just a little. things around town are starting to bloom just a bit and i am getting excited for the way this city comes alive in the spring as if out of a rainy winter hibernation. spring is just taking it's time and playing the game it always does with alternating between beautiful sunshine to rainy miserable every few hours. i like to think that if portland weather was my boyfriend, we would probably have to break up because of it's instability. but still, i love the city i live in and a love the sunny days we've been having these past few weekends. it makes me hopeful and excited.


we went to the hoyt arboretum last weekend just to escape the city for just a little while and it was really lovely. in almost 6 years living in portland, i cannot belive i had never been there. it's a beautiful place to spend a day and it's totally free and easy to get to on the max.

spring is bringing new excitement. i'm looking forward to day trips to the coast, garage sale weekends, picnics in the park, farmers markets, fresh flowers, sunshine, and all those little sweet things i have been missing.

also, this week, i picked up "cooking outside the box: easy, seasonal, organic"
by keith abel
on clearance rack at barnes and noble this past week and i have to say that i am kind of enchanted. i've been looking for a good seasonal cookbook and i am smitten with the recipes and whimsy photography. i can't wait to try some things out. and yes, i did just nerd out over a cookbook.

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