the dig.

05 March 2009

portland, oregon is full of thrift stores, but many of them are overrun with the hip crowd that tends to snatch all the good things up very quickly. but then again, there are a few gems. the dig is definitely one of those hit or miss kind of places, but when i score there, i tend to score big. it's just out of the city limits in milwaukie and it's nested on a street with a long stretch of some of my favorite thrift stores (i lovingly refer to this at the "milwaukie thrift corridor"). the dig only has clothing, accessories, and shoes...which could be a pro or a con depending on what you are looking for. one thing i like about the store is that they do try to keep a good range of sizes in stock and and some of their clothes are really affordable! cheap plus sized fashions are often hard to come by, so that is pretty special to me. the prices there are well below the standard overpriced goodwill stores. this weekend, i stopped by with my friend heather on my quest to find some summer dress kind of shoes and i ended up walking out with 4 new dresses and 4 new pair of shoes...i only spent $22! One of the dresses was a simple grey casual winter dress and it was only $1 and the other 3 dresses were $3 or $4. amazing! here are two of my favorite dresses from the day:
IMG_7196 IMG_7224

there were also 4 pairs of shoes that were well loved before me, but for $1.50-$3 each, i think they have a lot of good wears left in them! heather also found an amazing vintage green velvet jacket in perfect condition and it was $10 (probably the most expensive thing in that store, but the kind of thing that would sell for at least $30 or $40 at a vintage shop...i think it was an amazing score).

overall, a good day at the dig. sometimes i go there and find nothing, but i do think "the dig" is a great place to stop in and check out if you have a moment or are on the hunt for that perfect cheap outfit of your dreams. also, you should sign up for their email list because sometimes there have fun sales!

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  1. my daughter used to work there before she moved away. i got good deals there too and so did she!


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