Weekly Wishes : Hello Autumn!

23 September 2013

Yesterday marks the official day of fall.  It has been an amazing summer full of adventures and beautiful moments, but I am really looking forward to quiet fall afternoons cozied up under blankets with a cup of tea. For me, fall also means welcoming the rainy season back to Portland and pulling out my rain boots and pretty umbrellas.

I have been wanting to participate in the amazing Melyssa's weekly wishes link up for awhile now and today seemed like the perfect day to start a new tradition, particularly since this next week's theme is happiness.

This week, I want to embrace the changing of the seasons with open arms.  Instead of resisting the end of summer, I want to be excited about the months to come and I want to enjoy all the little things autumn will bring.  I want to decorate for Halloween this week and get into the spirit of chilly nights and warm colors.  I also want to take the time to decorate my new little office and work and make it a space full of celebration and happiness.

Simple fall pleasures I am looking forward to right now...

fall scents
cardigans & scarves
warm colors and decorations
chai tea
baking season
cozy slippers and blankets
picking the perfect pumpkin
cute umbrellas
dog snuggles
breaking out the crockpot
apple picking
warm pie
cute dog costumes
starting holiday crafting and gift shopping

This week, I am going to embrace all of these lovely things, decorate, and make plans for cute fall activities.  It's a really simple thing, but I want to start this season off on the right foot!

What are you guys looking forward to about fall?


  1. I am right with you on getting Halloween decorations UP. I love fall, but the transition of the seasons always leaves me feeling just a little bit sad.

  2. Oh, this post evokes the spirit of fall so well! :) It makes me excited for this beautiful season! And welcome to weekly wishes! It's one of my favorite things ever! :)

  3. As if I didn't miss fall enough already. You are torturing me. Post pictures!

  4. Firstly welcome to Weekly Wishes! :)
    I love fall or Autumn as we call it in the UK ;)
    Especially curling up on the sofa with the cat in front of the fire :)
    Have fun decorating for Halloween.

  5. Oooo I am so excited for fall too. My leaves are starting to fall and I have this crazy old lady neighbor who keeps trying to clean them up. I had to yell at her to get her to leave them alone. I also started my first simmer pot of potpourri yesterday. Love it!

  6. That sounds awesome! I wish we had more trees in my neighborhood that changed color, fall leaves are the big thing I miss from the east coast!
    Oooh, a simmer pot of potporri? My mom used to do that and maybe I should give it a try! Do you use the stove? Or one of those electric warmers?

  7. Aw! Where do you live now that you don't get fall anymore? I definitely need to get the camera out and about this season and get photos up soon! <3

  8. Thanks Erika! I am excited to be part of it and I am going to make it a weekly wish to keep up with it and post more on the blog! <3

  9. I agree. I feel like I am really prone to falling into a bit of sadness this time of year (esp because the NW gets so dark and rainy right about now), so that is kind of my main reason for trying to stay super positive and excited for the good things about fall. I hope you post photos of your halloween decor! I am trying to get inspired and into it! <3

  10. On the stove! I used one sliced orange, a cup of fresh cranberries, 3 cinnamon sticks, and 1 tbsp of cloves. Of course you can do whatever you want for ingredients. I filled a large pot with water so everything was floating, brought it to a boil, and then turned it down to low. (2 on my dial, with a range of 1-10). And just left it there all day (while I was home of course.) I put the lid on it overnight and use it again the next day too!

  11. My husband and I moved from New York to Hawaii this summer. No small jump! But as much as we're loving island life, I'm missing my upstate autumn!


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