Wedding Detail: "Take Care" Basket

20 September 2013

One of the things that I value at a party is that my guests are happy & comfortable.  In order to be able to do that and make sure any need that could arise was covered, I decided to make a little "take care" basket for my guests.  It was one of my favorite little details for the day and it was simple to put together with a big impact on making guests feel welcomed and cared for.

Nothing is worse than being at a lovely event, but having a nagging problem that you just can't fix, so we tried our best to cover everything from aching feet to broken nails.

The basket was simple.  It was an old picnic basket that I linked with pretty lace and made a little banner on the front that said "take care" with some cute little bird cut outs.  The contents are really anything that you think would make your guests most comfortable at your event.

Here is what was inside:
-bug spray
-several pairs of flip flops
-paper fans
-hand sanitizer
-a collection of medicines (I used a collection from Help Remedies because their packaging is darling and they offer everything from allergy tabs to blister pads)
-a stain stick
-a small first aid kit
-nail files

It was a big hit and most importantly I think it really sent a message of caring and support to our guests.

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