Mailbox Love : Cara Box & a Postcard for You!

03 June 2013

I am a little late on this reveal!  This month I participated in the Cara Box Swap.  I have always been really in love with the art snail mail.  When I was young, I used to exchange friendship books and slams and I had pen pals that I would write letters to on my Lisa Frank stationary and it is a love that has held on and evolved with me through the years.  It's just really amazing how a little piece of mail can brighten your day.  Plus, I really love to put together cute themed gifts & connect with other bloggers, so I was stoked to participate!

The theme this month was "regional" - showing off where you are from.  I was lucky enough to be paired up with two amazing bloggers.

I send a Portland themed package to Kodie.  I filled it with some handmade gifts form Crafty Wonderland, hazelnut coffee, locally made dog treats for her pup, and a copy of Hipter Puppies.  Her blog is lovely and honest, so you should check it out!

My other partner was Allison.  Her blog is called Nestful of Love and it is full of adorable positivity, cute outfits, and domestic inspiration!  Go check her out!  She really went out of her way to make something really special for me and it absolutely blew me away and made my day (seriously, I teared up a little when I went through it because it was so thoughtful!).

Allison is from Ohio, so her package was a little introduction to her state (which I have driven through once, but never spent any time in, so I was excited to learn about it!).  She saw in my bio that I collect manatees, so she went out of her way to go to the zoo and pick up these awesome manatee trinkets (Look at that teeny tiny manatee! Does it get any cuter?!).  I had no idea that Cincinnati had such a great manatee is an excellent reason for me to put it on my list of places to visit!  She also included cute colorful cat notecards from a local artist, a honey bear & lavender soaps from local farms (she couldn't have possibly known this, but those are both two of my favorite things!), french chew candies, and Skyline Chili!  She even gave me a recipe for her Skyline Chili dip and I can't wait to try it!  

This was seriously an amazing gift and it absolutely made my day!  Thank you so much Allison!  

I was really inspired by how happy this mail made me & also today's post from Melyssa at the Nectar Collective where she offered to send readers a postcard from Japan.  I would love to do the same for you guys!  If your mailbox could use a little brightening up, send me an email with your address by the end of the week and I will send you a postcard! <3


  1. What a cute idea! Postcard party :)

  2. Aw thanks so much for sharing this. I'm so glad it made you so happy! You just can't beat getting packages in the mail!!! :)

  3. Oh my gosh, even I was tearing up reading the description of BOTH of those packages! There is so much thoughtfulness in this post, I just adore it! So happy you are sending postcards too, let's spread some love together :)

  4. Annnd by the way I am so into this Cara box exchange idea and I'm going to sign up too :) Thanks for letting me know about it!


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