Just a Few Things that Make Me Smile...

19 June 2013

I've had a pretty busy few weeks!  I guess that is just how Portland summertime always is - there is always something wonderful to do.  In an effort to slow down and stop to smell the roses, here are a few amazing things that have made me smile lately...

We have foster kittens!  A pair of little blue-eyed siamese boys that are melting my heart!  They were terrified when I first got them, but they are warming up quickly and getting more and more playful every day.  They will probably live with us for about a month until they are big enough to be neutered and adopted out.  I assure you that my instagram will be blowing up with cute kitten photos this month!

I went camping last weekend with a couple of friends & had a really lovely time. It was really my first time camping (well, kinda camping...there was a yurt with a bed and lights, but let's just call it camping!). We stayed at an adorable campsite right on the Oregon Coast and made a fire on the beach while we watched the sunset. Having a campfire on the beach was one of my bucketlist items, so it was pretty dreamy.

The garden is starting to have the first harvests of the season. Sugar snap peas and these beautiful radishes are the first, but we have some zucchini and tomatoes that are almost there! I can't wait!

Speaking of harvests, it is strawberry season! I am so excited because Oregon strawberries are like nothing I've ever eaten. I've been pumping out strawberry recipes like crazy. Tomorrow I plan on going out to the farms and picking up another flat to make some good old fashioned strawberry jam.

We took a spontaneous visit to the zoo a couple of weeks ago. These adorable baby monkey melted my heart a little.  Look at that face!

I have been really enjoying all of the wonderful canned goods I came home with after the Portland Preservation Society meeting earlier this month - blackberry honey, vegetable broth powder, lavender champagne jelly, strawberry lemonade concentrate, and two ice creams (oat & nut and vanilla, rosemary, & black pepper)! Yum!

I have a lot of lovely things to look forward to as summer is starting. I feel like my day planner is already overflowing with things to do!

What made you smile lately?


  1. Ohmigosh, those kitten faces are so cute!

    Christy @ Creating a Beautiful Life

  2. Mmm, those strawberries look good! I need to remember to get some soon! & those kittens are so bloody adorable; i'd be sooo tempted to keep them if I were you, haha!

    What's been making me smile are my nieces & nephew last night @ their dance recital (they're 4 & 6). Ok, the nephew didn't dance though, just sat next to me giggling. :)

  3. What a post full of wonderful delights! :) Looks like a lot of great stuff has been happening for you! :)


  4. Oh those kittens are so cute! I love Siamese cats...I had one when I was growing up. He was very talkative and loud!! Visiting from the Friend Connect Blog Hop!


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