Crafty Wonderland : A Local Crafter Spotlight

12 May 2013

Living in Portland, I feel so unbelievably lucky to be surrounded by such amazingly creative and talented people.  It is a huge part of what made me fall in love with this city 12 years ago.  Yesterday was the bi-annual Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Spring Sale, so of course I couldn't resist the chance to go shop and get inspired.  Crafty Wonderland hosts over 225 artists, crafters, chefs, and vendors under one roof & it is one of my favorite regular events.

Though there were SO many amazingly talented people there, but I thought I would just share a few of the favorites that stood out & inspired me yesterday...

Lisa makes beautiful prints & notecards.  Her art has a sense of beauty and whimsey that reminds me of candy & childhood dreams.  It just made me really happy to look through her work.

This year, I got to meet a lot of amazing local confectionary shops & Rose City Sweets was probably my favorite. Their darling branding + amazing smoked almond toffee + brown sugar fleur de sel caramels kind of blew my mind & I will probably crave more of them all week.

I met Chelsey through the Portland Preservation Society (a monthly canning meetup & swap) and I've been following her adorable blog and instagram for a few months now and they are always full of adorable inspiration.  She makes these darling little handmade wooden pins of cute animals & they just melt my heart.

I am so impressed with the amazing crochet sculpture art that Jennifer makes!  She turns iconic Portland Bridges into amazing sculpture.

I've loved this crafter for awhile.  Every single time I go to Crafty Wonderland, her art just stands out in the room.  I just cannot get enough of her brightly colored art and witty ridiculousness.
S'Morrissey pillow? Amazing.

I was pretty excited to find this vendor.  I've been struggling with my allergies big time for the past few weeks and I've been thinking about trying out local honey as a solution.   Imagine my delight to find an awesome honey tonic made with local honey, local bee pollen, and nettles all in one that taste amazing!  They make awesome products, but it turns out they have an awesome mission of sustainability and bee stewardship as well!   

I am a sucker for Portland themed art and I think this artist does some of my favorites.  Not only does she make adorable clay magnets & Portland themed cards and artwork, she also made this gem of a card.  To be loved even more than all the adorable internet cats? Priceless.

I have been a fan of this letter press studio for awhile now and I just am always so happy to see what new prints and cards they've created for the Crafty Wonderland shows.  I have this amazing canning themed print in my kitchen and I just absolutely adore it.


  1. these are all so adorable!! those cakes are just darling, thanks for sharing these!! :)

  2. I'm jealous of all these adorable shops you got to see!! How fun! Loving the cat card. :) I'm kind of obsessed with my cats. Haha. And those first set of cards remind me of gingerbread houses only nicer. :) So fun!!

  3. Those pins are amazing! Crafty Wonderland sounds like a really cool event. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing sounds like a great event! A friend and I are thinking of moving to Portland soon, stuff like this makes me want to move there more. -Deidreart from swap-bot Gain Exposure to your Blog Swap


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