52 Lists: Places I Want to Go & Spring Cleansing!

12 March 2013

I missed a week last week with our trip, so I am catching up on the 52 Lists with a double entry!

The first one is full of places I want to go.  This year so far has been full of adventures and kicking huge items off my bucket list and into reality and it just makes me even more hungry for adventures and immersing myself in wonderful new experiences!  There is still a huge wide world to see and I want to see as much as possible, so this is really just a small glimpse.
The second list is all about cleansing for spring.  What a wonderful thing to think about!  We've had a few really beautiful days in Portland lately and the birds seem to be chirping and I know that it is almost time for the cherry blossoms to bloom, so it has me really excited for spring.  Before it comes though, I do think that taking the time to cleanse my life a bit and get all the loose ends tied up will really help me to enjoy and relish in the season!  I think I will start with that baking cabinet reorganization that I've been meaning to do for months!

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  1. WARDROBE- Man, that is something I forgot to add to my spring cleaning list that needs to get done! Both my closet and my husband's are OUT OF CONTROL!


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