30 Before 30 Goals

09 February 2013

I was really inspired by Jen & Brian's posts of both their 30 before 30 goals.  Since I love a list and I am also facing the last year of my twenties, I figured I might as well make a few of my own.

It turns out, 29 is the year of adventure for me.  I am relearning what really makes me happy after too many years of being overly influenced by others and by a corporate focused culture.  I think 29 is about finding out who I am as a person and indulging in the little things that make me who I am rather than focusing on trying to be something that I think I should be.  I have just about 10 months to make these things a reality.

1. See New Orleans
2. Eat an authentic New Orleans poboy (& also try either crawfish or alligator)
3. Go on a swap tour
4. Travel outside of the US
5. See the Northern Lights
6. Soak in the Blue Lagoon
7. Say "yes" to new adventures and experiences
8. Find a new job that makes me happy and leaves room for a work/life balance
9. Continue writing this blog
10. Refinish my new desk
11. Try more recipes that intimidate me
12. Get another tattoo
13. Get my craft room fully organized
14. Make an effort to declutter my life
15. Work on connecting more with my sister
16. Be better about keeping in touch with people & sending mail
17. Grow at least one new thing in the garden that I've never tried before
18. Finish an embroidery project
19. Pay off all my outstanding medical debts
20. Design and create a ton of custom jar labels for all the canned goods I have made
21. Continue doing the 52 Lists Project
22. Attend GeekGirlCon 2013
23. Keep working on maintaining my savings account balance
24. Visit Vancouver, B.C.
25. Go bungee jumping
26. Express my gratitude for the people in my life more often
27. Start an Etsy shop for some of my thrifting finds
28. Volunteer more often & take on more fosters
29. Be less afraid of the unknown
30. Plan an awesome 30th birthday party


  1. Nice list, good luck! I've got a 'see the Northern Lights' goal too! Not this year though :) (though you never know!)

  2. That's awesome, it's always been kind of a dream of mine - they just seem so...magical? ;) I really hope you get to see them in the next few years! I am going to Iceland in the first week of March, so the northern lights are the top of my priorities list for that trip!

  3. I'd like to travel outside of the US soon too, and get my first tattoo! I hope you make it to the Big Easy! It really is a special city! (i live about 80 miles southwest of there...near bayous and stuff.)

  4. Thanks Haley! I'm actually in New Orleans RIGHT NOW! :). I got in last night and so far, it's pretty great - do you have any tips on your favorite places to see here?

    Where outside of the us are you dying to go? I love to hear about other people's travel dreams!


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