Tidy Tuesday : Nail Polish Organization!

08 January 2013

A friend recently reminded me that even though the prospect of establishing more organization in my life is a daunting task, it's really just all about the tiny pieces that make up the whole.  And so, rather than some insane life renovation in one day, I will be challenging myself to organize at least one area of my home or life in the next few weeks.   I will win the war on clutter through these tiny battles.

I am starting with my nail polish.  I have a lot of nail polish...like more than any person could need in their entire lifetime, but I have come to peace with this obsession.  What I have not come to peace with is the way the nail polish is all over my home and how I probably have 3 of the same color because I can never find it when I need it.

I am embarrassed to say how much thought and research went into this decision, but the system I have decided on is a simple under the bed storage bin that I already had (which just so happens to fit perfectly under my couch in the living room - where I do my nails).  I picked up about 12 clear drawer organizers in a few sizes (I got mine at Fred Meyer, but you can find different styles almost anywhere).  These fit perfectly and allow the nail polish to stay in place when I move the tub and it also allowed me to easily organize by color and have a special place for the konad, stripers, files, and other miscellaneous supplies.

I am pretty thrilled.  I can now see exactly what I have so that the next time I go to the store and see a color I just need to have, I can really honestly tell myself that I have way too much purple and maybe even resist the temptation.  I also love that it puts my hoard out of the way, but I can still access it super easily whenever the mani mood strikes.  

Ellie approves of organization!

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  1. What a cool idea. I don't have quite as many polishes as you but my collection is growing and I'm starting to think about other ways to store them.

    Also I love that last picture with Ellie in it. :)


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