Makin' Sprouts!

16 January 2013

For Christmas, my husband bought me one of these neat spouters that I had my eye on for awhile.  There is something that I absolutely love about watching a tiny seed turn into a completely new thing and this is as close to instant gardening satisfaction that I think I will ever get!

Day 1

Day 3

Day 7

I bought a variety pack of seeds to try them out from amazon.  I sprouted 4 different types (one on each level) and I have to say - they are pretty rad.  The broccoli & alfalfa sprouts were really successful,  but the bean sprouts were not.   The beans ended up not really sprouting and getting a bit of might have been the seeds or just that they were on the bottom tray.

It was like a fun little science experiment & it's nice to add a good healthy element to our kitchen.  I guess there are only so many things two people can eat sprouts on, but I am up for the challenge.

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