some freebie tips for the day.

27 April 2009

things are tight for everyone these days. every little bit helps and i love a useful freebie, so here are a few i recently signed up for...

sign up for bath and body works email list and get a coupon for a free travel sized item. they also send some good coupons for freebies on the mailing list, so it's worth getting. just this past weekend, i got a free $8 lemon pomegranate lip conditioner (which i love) when i spent $1.50 on a lovely scented hand sanitizer.

sephora sends you a free birthday item if you are on their email list. i'm not sure exactly what, but might be worth signing up.

free reusable totebag when you make a pledge to sustain yourself.

bzzagent is this fun thing my friend krissy shared with me. you basically sign up and they will occasionally send you some free items and ask you to review them and pass out coupons if you are interested in them. it is an interesting site that works on the basis of word of mouth marketing.

also, if you shop at safeway, i really think this site is neat because it lets you add coupons directly to your club card rather than printing them and having to keep track of a million little slips of paper. i really want to be better at coupons, but i am just don't often have the energy to do it and i find it makes me by a lot of things i don't need.

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