well hello there!

04 March 2009

welcome to my new blog. i've been thinking a lot lately about documentation and sharing and how important those things are to me and wondering what i can do to make that happen more often. this is my solution! this blog is not all about one thing, but about all the things i love. i am a thrifty lady in some many ways; i love a good bargain, digging in thrift stores, cheap meals, recycled crafts, and so on and that is what this is about. i want to document not just the cheap, but the gems. the lovely simple things about life that make me happy.

i doubt this will be come one of those amazing blogs with amazing updates every single day because i just don't have that kind of life. i work full time as a receptionist and sometimes things get pushed aside, but i want this to be a good excuse to take the time out. enjoy!

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