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31 March 2009

so, i am really into freebies of any kind as you might imagine. this is one of my recent favorites that i wanted to share thanks to jen....

swagbucks is just a basic search engine not unlike google or, but with swagbucks you log in and you get awarded a point for a every few searches and then you save your points up for prizes. i am using a search engine all day at least a few times a day anyways, so i get at least a point or two a day without doing anything different than what i normally do (and you get points if people sign up with your referral and do searches). $5 gift certificates are 45 points, so i get one sent to my email about every month or so just for doing the things i do anyway.

if you are interested, you should sign up for swagbucks. it can't stuff is awesome, i've done it and it is completely legit and they have never sent me a bit of spam which is also great. and so far, i am 1/3 of my way to getting the cupcake courier of my dreams for free! :)

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